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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

This Risk Assessment has been carried out following the guidelines on the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) web site

Assessment carried out by: Catherine Lindsay
Watermeadow Lakes and Lodges – North Perrott – Somerset – TA18 7SR
Date assessment was carried out: 10/06/2020    

Potential Hazards


·         Contamination of the site by guests who are asymptomatic or who develop symptoms while on              premises.

·         Transmission of the virus between guests or between guests and contractors/suppliers.


Who is at Risk?


·         Other guests on site or with subsequent bookings, particularly the elderly or those with                        underlying health conditions.

·         Cleaning and Maintenance Contractors and their immediate families, particularly if they care for            relatives who are elderly or have underlying health conditions.

·         The wider public locally.


Actions to Control Risk


Anybody who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines.  Therefore, they should not arrive on site.

Anybody in one of the vulnerable groups identified by the Government should follow Government advice to self-isolate, they can contact Watermeadow for help and advice with their booking.  They should not arrive on site.

Contractors who are exhibiting symptoms or who have any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus within the previous 14 days should not come on site and they should follow NHS guidelines.

We will ask guests to follow guidelines on social distancing.  Watermeadow has only three Lakeside Lodges and two Romantic Escapes.  It is relatively easy for guests to avoid contact with each other.  The owners live on site with a young family and you are asked to contact us within a safe distance or by calling Catherine on 07790 594543 or Shanna on 07412 083276. It is also possible to have a relaxing holiday!!

Guests should arrange for groceries to be delivered to their cottage to avoid trips to the supermarket or bring their requirements with them on arrival.

Guests are advised that there may be severely restricted opportunities to eat out at this time and they should be prepared to fully self-cater.  There are local deliveries of hot food available from the local pub ‘The Manor Arms’, Dominos Pizza and Lopen Raj.

We will provide additional cleaning materials for guests to clean their lodge together with hand sanitizer which should be used before you eat food or touch your face.

The hot tub is chlorinated to a level sufficient to kill the virus.

Implement Changes to cleaning policy

We always strive to maintain extremely high standards of cleanliness at Watermeadow.  Under normal conditions we also strive to maintain high standards of sustainability.  We recognise that at this time some sustainable practices will need to be compromised.  For example, washing and reusing cleaning cloths and using mostly natural cleaning products.  We promise to resume these practices as soon as it is safe to do so however for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak we have decided to adopt the cleaning practices recommended by Public Health England (PHE) for Cleaning in Non-Healthcare.

As guests may not exhibit symptoms until after they return home, we will treat every clean as if the guests had potentially been infected.  Therefore, we will:

·         Use disposable cloths and mop heads.

·         Clean with diluted chlorine bleach.

·         Pay particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and handrails.

·         Reduce the amount of soft furnishings provided so that we can rotate them and allow 72hrs for            potential virus to die before they are returned to a property. 

To Protect our Cleaning Team we will:

·         Delay cleaning until the property has been vacant for 72 hours if possible.

·         Provide rubber gloves and plastic aprons.

·         Limit the number of team members in any property to one at a time.

·         Ask guests to strip their own beds and put used linen in bags provided.

·         Ask guests to empty all bins and place tied bags into the external waste bins.

·         All waste will be double bagged.

There is a delay of at least 72hrs before used linen is collected by the laundry service providing an adequate buffer to protect their staff.

This policy will be reviewed monthly until the Government advises that the Covid-19 threat has passed.